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Gather, Unite, Grow, Go!


Drop in for a visit today!

First Baptist Church Cedar Hill

A community gathering people to know, follow and share Christ.



We're worshipping together and we can't wait to have you join us each Sunday, either at our local church house, or online!


Come to FBC Cedar Hill to find a community that you have been looking for!

Looking for a community
where you can be encouraged and strengthened in your faith?

A community gathering people to know, follow, and share Christ.

We’re worshipping together and we can’t wait to have you join us, either at the church house or online every Sunday at 9:30am, and coming soon 6pm worship.


Some members enjoy showing up early enough to have a cup of coffee before worship begins. They meet and fellowship in our tiny cafe where the joe is always free!


We are a Church that loves the depth of the hymn and the simple truths of more modern worship.


"Sola Scriptura"
"Scripture Alone"
This is the principle used in every aspect of our services. From selecting worship songs, and the pastor's sermon to the animations and stories the children take part in as they learn of God and His work throughout Scripture.  


Small groups and Sunday School are a major part of our fellowship together. Some classes inform and discuss, while others dive in and unpack the Scriptures together.

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