Church Update

Saturday, January 9th


We will be back in the auditorium tomorrow morning at 9:30am! We have worked hard this week to get everything ready for gathering inside once again. We are instituting a few new precautions to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible. We will explain further when you arrive but please remember that Jefferson County is still under a mask mandate and we respectfully request that everyone abide by this unless you are unable to for health reasons. If you still feel unsafe gathering together inside or are in quarantine, we put in the extra time and will also have the live gathering broadcast via transmitter to your vehicle in the parking lot. So, pull in close to the building and tune your radio to 105.3FM! Our hospitality team will make sure to greet you as always! We have also been preparing to relaunch small groups this week! We will have more information tomorrow morning with details about each group.

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File_000 (1).jpeg

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our first indoor gathering of 2021!