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Silhouette of Cross Against Sky

About Us

At FBC Cedar Hill, we believe that Jesus is Lord and the Bible is His word—so the Bible is our focus. We aim for heartfelt worship through song, rich preaching from the Bible, and authentic fellowship with each other in the love of Jesus Christ.

First and foremost, we are sinners saved by the grace of God alone—not on account of any good works we've done, but only through faith in Jesus Christ. Given that, we're all equal here, and we trust it will show in how you're treated.


We long to serve the Lord and grow in our faith together. Come visit us and experience first-hand what we're all about.

What We Believe

First Baptist Church - Cedar Hill believes: 1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. The integrity of the Holy Scriptures has been divinely protected through the ages. 2. The Trinity - God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. 3. In the deity of Jesus Christ and His virgin birth. 4. The forgiveness of sin through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 5. That salvation is by grace through faith, and 6. That Jesus Christ will return to judge the world. For more details, see the Baptist Faith and Message.

Who We Are

We are a Southern Baptist Church... meaning we function under the leadership of the Holy Spirit with the Word of God as our guide for all we do. Our music: We blend today's praise and worship songs with time-honored hymns of the faith to provide a heartfelt worship environment. Our pastor: Preaches from the Legacy Standard Bible for preaching and teaching the scriptures. We may not be for everybody, but we're here for somebody! If you are looking for perfection, then keep on looking. If you want to connect and be a part of the family of God, then perhaps YOU will join us in our pursuit to know Him (our Lord Jesus Christ) and to make Him known to the world!

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